Ascension Yoga Offerings

Ascension Yoga Classes In Kingston

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Kids & Teens

Combo Program

Starting Early Summer:  A combined program of Jiu-Jitsu and yoga, where Pedro and Juliana co-teach groups arranged by age. Details to come.

As mother and son, we are bringing respect, discipline, in a lively and playful format to your loved ones.

Adult Program

Intro to Yoga mild and/or Intro to Yoga spicy

Intro to Yoga: To all who are interested in start or re-start a yoga practice.
4 week Intro Series

Next start date is June 11th with Intro to Mild Yoga. Pre-Registration required. 

Intro to Mild Yoga: This series will explore gentle yoga from hatha, restorative, yin, guided meditation plus breathing techniques over the foundation of ancient philosophy.

Intro to Spicy Yoga  : For the ones interested in a more vigorous yoga practice we will explore hatha, vinyasa, power yoga, relaxation plus breathing techniques over the foundation of ancient philosophy.

Book Private Sessions

Private and or closed group sessions can be held on and off site.

We can tailor yoga sessions for weddings, or any other special event, to groups of friends or families. It can be a session for you solo, attending to your yoga needs in its minimum details.

To share more about your needs and get a quote, please contact us at:

Honoring Teachers & Friends

Workshop and Special Events Series

There are so many talented beings who crossed our paths. With workshops and special events, we will share their beautiful teachings with you.